This 1 hour online course is comprised of four sections.  It is recommended that you review each section in order.

  • Courses- Provides an overview of the scheduling process, including: how to identify and replace retired courses, a review of Course information, including scheduling rules and course placement build constraints.
  • Staffing – Provides information on how to: add courses to an individual teacher or a group of teachers, indicate periods and terms in which a teacher will not teach, assign a classroom to a specific teacher, and making revisions to sections in a master schedule that was rolled over to the new year.
  • Requests – Provides the process to: turn recommendations in the course plan into requests, use the Request Wizard to create requests, create requests for individual students using the Walk-In Scheduler,  and run  Request Reports to help find students that don’t have the needed requests.
  • Cleanup – Will provide avenues to: identify students with schedule gaps, fill schedule gaps globally, and fill schedule gaps individually.

This course can be found in Pathlore.

Check Pathlore for prerequisites